Playing Dress Up

If you've been following my tweets, you probably know that I was busy yesterday on a mini fun project. What was it you ask. Well, I've been asked by DKNY representatives to style their mannequins using the collection available in store for an in-store event. Of course I gladly and enthusiastically accepted the offer "easy peasy" I said to myself. Little did I know! After a couple of hours and right when the idea started to sink in, I began to freak out! Because a) I haven’t done anything of that sort before, b) What do you mean I'll be using ONE BRAND only for styling!! It's like asking Consuelo Castiglioni to design an entire collection using ONE color!! c) Sure I love fashion but what if I fail?! Wellll, it was too late for me to back out, so I gathered up my courage and fashion sense and went into the store and started working, caused quite a mess in the fitting room where I was styling the mannequins (sorry DKNY sales people!). And I must say that the results were not bad at all if I do say so myself, and I enjoyed every minute of it! So without further ado, I present you with my five DKNY looks styled using ALL DKNY clothes and accessories... starting with this cute dress with red-lips print paired with a leopard print coat...

Thank you DKNY team in Kuwait (and especially Ms. Betool) for taking a chance on me and for your amazing cooperation.  DKNY boutique is located at the Avenues Mall Phase II. 

Rocking the maxi dress trend with this semi-fitted long sleeves maxi dress paired with a fur & suede vest, a fringed boho-chic bag, and a red skinny belt for definition, and finally a pair of ankle boots. 

The I'm-heading-to-a-formal-event look I paired a striped dress with printed silk vest cinched it with a skinny belt for some definition and topped the look with a pair of beautifully cut tuxedo jacket worn over the shoulders.
These sandals would look great with a pair of thick socks or opaque tights

The weekend look, a pair of skinny jeans with grey tank top, a double face fine knit cardigan, a very light weight khaki jacket (one of my favorite pieces), a cashmere scarf, a pair of tan ankle boots with buckle detail, and a leopard print shoulder bag
The uber-chic look... in LOVE with this cape which I paired with a long sleeves shift dress, a pair of knee-high wedge boots, and the tiniest purse with chain strap.
Lined up all the bags and shoes to make my pick for the looks...


Ansam said…
WE LOVED IT! I took pictures myself and will post them soon :D AMAZING job xoxo
Ke7el said…
I saw the mannequins they were amazzziing! goood job.

au natural
samaher tariq said…
its like your sharing how you usually dress up

i like it
dudette said…
saw them today amazingly stylish babe good job ;)
Diva Glam said…
Gooood Job!! Proud of U ;))
AbSa said…
Woooo aweosme job......loved the weekend and formal event look :) :)
u must have had fun n now feelin proud and happy
Anonymous said…
Congrats!! :) What a great opportunity. Loved the look ;)
Journal Entries said…
loved loved loved them ALL!
u make me wanna go and buy the whole look!
Danderma said…
Not only did I love the looks, I bought the khaki jacket and I am going back for the tan boots for the weekend look which is totally me!

Just must make it a bit more 7ejab friendly that is.

Good job hon masha2 Allah 3leech! I would want to see more of these in the future. Georgio Armani started out as a mannequin dresser for that department store in milan next to the duomo, maybe one day you'll have your own fashion line :D
Mr.Jovita said…
superb!!! my fav of the lot is look 3.. loved how you mix trend and texture and color!! :)
Confashion said…
THANK YOOOOOU ALL! You guys made my day! xoxoxox
I'm just bummed that I couldn't actually make it to the event for reasons beyond my control!

Thank YOU! Looking forward to read your post! xoxo :)

Thank you sweetie! xoxo :)

Samaher Tariq
That's exactly what my sisters said :P

Thank you sweetie xoxo :)

Diva Glam
Thank yooou for your constant support xoxox

I had a blast! Thank you so much :)

It was a memorable experience! Thank you so much xoxo :)

Journal Entries
Love love love u! ;)

NO WAY!! I'm soooo happy!! Thank you sooo much! and btw, I never knew Armani started his career hat way! Thanks for sharing! Who knows... maybe that's the jump-start for my new career ;) xoxo

So glad that you liked it :) xoxo
Mabroooook Confashion! You did an AMAZING job! As the true fashionista that you are, you did a wonderful job showing how one does not need super high-end designer pieces to look fabulous! ;)
Anonymous said…
That's lovely! Great job Confashions, hmmm now this gives an idea to lots of things :p

I'm saying expect more dress up to come your way. ^^

I loved the maxi dress look, very eye catching way of dressing it up for a simple piece.

Allah ywafegch ya rabi
Confashion said…
The Manhattan Team
Thank you soooo much for your support and your beautiful words! xoxo :)

Mashkoora o ma gassartau :**
Inshallah allah ysima3 minnich :)
Natalia Q8 said…
Very good job! I want the first dress, Where is the shop?
Confashion said…
Natalia Q8
It is located at the Avenues Phase II. DKNY Boutique.