Monday, November 14, 2011

The Mother of All Statement Rings

That Wilfredo Rosado hand carved cameo ring with its itsy bitsy crushed diamonds is so goddamn perfect, it hurts! Words fail at expressing the fabulousness of this. I spotted it at Bloomingdales Dubai and was like "That's it!! The only thing I really want to buy on this trip!!" Little did I know... the lips ring would have set me back almost KD 5,000 (66,000 dhs)!!  Whaaat! The diamonds barely show! Oh well, it still deserves its own post and more. Hell, I’d take it over Elizabeth Taylor’s 33 carats diamond ring (no not really but you got my drift!).

And then I spotted the pendant version of the cameo, maybe it's a lot cheaper? Nope. It was priced at KD 3,400 (45,500dhs) and I was contemplating whether it was worth it or not but I got that Are-you-nuts! stare from my sister. So I decided to let it go, for now. A girl can dream...


B said...

I don't think I like that cameo's have made a comeback! Not a big fan..

Toomzie said...

I like this

Confashion said...

I'm addicted to Cameos! And in this case it's an unfortunate addiction!

I'm glad you do ;)


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