Home Improvements

I went to 52 degrees the other day with a friend and the section that really interested me was the furniture and home accessories section. I really liked this set of three Arabesque style tables. Not sure who the designers of these featured items, but whoever they were, they did an amazing job and their quality was quite good. 


LadyB said…
That's Baraka by Salah Zamani, young Kuwaiti artist :)
Those three tables in the first picture are amazing. I'd love to own those. I even love the tray on them.
Dalal said…
i loved the drawers.. creative!
Confashion said…
I should have asked you first before posting it ;)
Thanks sweetie ;)

Me too! They were my favorite! :)

And very well made too :)
The liked the designs. This really improve the home with stylish.I appreciate your creativity.