Dear Confashion: √FML²‏ New Collection

Check out this super cute video by Qatar based brand √FML²‏ introducing their new selection of uber-cool casual t-shirts, all designed by two students based in Qatar. I'm so loving the lace kitty ears tee, remind me of my head piece! Actually I loved most of their designs, so fun and fabulous. To view their entire collection or to place an order, click here.


LadyB said…
Amazingggg, and super cute !
I couldn't resist and placed an order for two tshirts :P
Anonymous said…
WOW! The video is amazing!

Love the entire collection x

Confashion said…
I know!! I'm contemplating whether I should get 4 tees! Do I really need that many :|
I'm glad that u do ;)
Anonymous said…
LOVE the video!
Sara N. said…
I'm a huge faaan of their stuff from the beginning! Loved the Snow White sticker they have on the laptop in the begining .. do u knw where I can find something similar ? Or how i could contact them to ask ? Thanks!
Confashion said…
Me too! Made me want to join the fun too!

Sara N
You can get their contact details by visiting this link: