Dear Confashion: The Crown Collection at

You've seen them on your chic friends and lusted for one ever since? Now they're only a click away! The crown necklaces collection is made of the finest material and is now available on Kuwait-based online boutique in various colors and styles. I know one particular friend who'd be thrilled about this *wink*!


Anonymous said…
they are way way way overpriced on this website. 95 kd??! i bought them for around 35 kd !! less than half the price. ok true that i got them straight from turkey, but still, look at the difference in the price. my suggestion to those who want it: its Eid, ur bound to know someone heading to turkey. tell them to go to the grand bazaar and get them for you. imga6ga6 ib kil ma7al chinna m&ms!
Anonymous said…
Oh thanx anon. for makings this clear I was about to buy them from their web site!!! With their price I can get 3 different colors:/