Dear Confashion: Ayten Jewelry

I guess jewelry is the flavor of the week! Ayten El Mofty, a new contemporary jewellery designer, has e-mailed me to introduce me to her brand entitled Ayten. As I skimmed through her lookbook, I was particularly drawn to her use of skulls with precious stones. Simple yet pretty necklaces and bracelets, perfect for your everyday use, or can make a beautiful birthday or a Christmas gift for your family and friends.

"All of my pieces are handcrafted using the highest caliber of workmanship and materials. All the pieces are either black onyx plated, gold plated or white gold plated. The materials used are silk strings, semiprecious stones, gold plated chains, and pearls.", expressed El Mofty.

Ayten El Mofty is currently working on a per order basis for clients. If you're interested to find out more on how to order, please send e-mail to


Anonymous said…
Ayten is a dear dear friend of mine & not only is she a lovely person - her designs are beyond fantastic!

Confashion said…
Al Moda
I couldn't agree more.. they're feminine with a touch of edginess :)