Confashions' Picks on Net-a-Porter

With a zillion of gorgeous items listed on Net-a-Porter, sometimes it can be overwhelming to browse every designer's page. Or maybe you forgot to add that fabulous piece, which you've spotted while browsing their What's New page, to your wish list/cart. It always happens to me and before I know it, the piece gets sold out, a bummer. 

So the other day I've scouted  the entire site and created my own version of Net-a-Porter's wish list. So without further ado, I present you with this seasons Confashions' Picks, a dedicated page on Net-a-porter where you’ll get to see my absolute favorite buys and picks on Net-a-porter's site. So click here to skim through my list, maybe you'll find something that piques your interest!


Anonymous said…
Gorgeous picks, I'm so in love with the thakoon skirt!
I dig your taste. Keep up the style.
Toomzie said…
Loving the skirt!
Kiran Chhabria said…
Sweetheart your link is no longer working!
Confashion said…
Thank you so much ;)

It's gorgeous :)

Kiran Chhabria
That's weird.. I did test it twice and all links are working :l maybe u had a network issue when you clicked on the link?
Kiran Chhabria said…
So weird.. Was on your blog again and just saw your response and tried again.. still can't get through! Other links to net a porter from your site (like the very fun Richard Nicoll dress) all work! Don't know what's up with this