An Attempt to Get Out

I spotted this art piece on the entrance of Abdul Aziz Hussein Theater in Mishref, when I attended the Japanese Taiko Drum Concert, and thought sharing its beauty with my art-loving readers. This sculpture was created by Kuwaiti artist Sami Mohammed in 1978 and it's titled An Attempt to Get Out. I have previously featured his work here.  Such a masterpiece, evoking many strong emotions and questions.

The artist held an exhibition last month at Gallery Tilal , and you can find out more about the artist here.


Mademoiselle said…
i knew this was a sami mohammed work just but glancing at the sculpted hand.
his work is pretty amazing, there should be a appreciation exhibition of all of his works
Confashion said…
Yup he's very talented! He did have an exhibition last month at Gallery Tilal, unfortunately, I couldn't go...