What's Not to Love

As promised in my previous post, I'd like to share with you the 4 reasons why I just couldn't restrain myself from buying one piece only while shopping at N Boutique:
  1.  That razzling dazzling drenched in pearls top
  2. Holly Fulton's top with embellished detail on one side and in the loveliest shade of Tiffany blue
  3. These statement-making collars
  4. And last but not least, that oversized Hudson clutch!


Anonymous said…
Hi Confashions
Where can I find NICE maternity clothes in Kuwait, everything I found is dather or huge!
I mostly need jeans and pants for work. I looked at Topshop maternity and at H&M and at New Look and they are uglier than ugly!
Dunia Al BEshara said…
its n burj jassim sa7?
LadyB said…
Omg, gorgeous finds !
panacheous.com said…
The pearl top! to die for!!! The pearl collar! so wanted!!! gota go there asap! thanks for the updates and good luck to N boutique!
Confashion said…
I'm not sure if there are any REALLY nice maternity clothes in Kuwait but you can try searching online:

-Net-a-Porter Maternity
-try DRKSHDW by Rick Owens, I think it's stocked at Boutique 4 and you can find it online, it's NOT maternity wear but its designs are quite flowy.

Hope that was helpful

Dunia Al Beshara
Yup.. the ground floor :)

They should come with a warning sign too :P

You're more than welcome ;)
Anonymous said…
Try 360 their are maternity store next to gap
Au natural said…
love the top
Anonymous said…
pearls <3
Confashion said…
Au natural and justnoon
You should have seen the conversation that went on twitter between Theoverdresses.com, myself, and May of May Jewellery marveling on the beauty of the top and what to dress it up with :P