Saturday, October 22, 2011

What's New Around K-town And Beyond...

Check out the latest events and news posted on Save the Date page.


Anonymous said...

آسفة بس ما ملينا من هال موديل الكل قاعد يرقع اللي يعرف و اللي ما يعرف لما طلع من السستم !

Dunia Al Beshara said...

thanks for ur amazing updates wala ya36eech il 3afya.. bs when is it ? they have some great stuff

samaher tariq said...

i love this maybe bcoz we don't have them here as often as you guys do in kuwait

so cute <3

Confashion said...

don't shoot the messenger :P

Confashion said...

Dunia Al Beshara
At Bayt Lothan in room Nowera from 24th to 26th October.

Samaher Tariq
So maybe you could plan a short trip to Kuwait to enjoy the variety ;)


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