Webby Wednesday: Shop the Mag

A representative of Shopthemag.com has e-mailed me to introduce me to the world's first luxury website dedicated to retailing the best of fashion and design that is developed out of Asia.  The site is both an homage to the rich artisanal history of many countries in Asia and a celebration of Asia's growing gravitas in the world of fashion.

Honestly I was quite impressed by the selection of clothes and accessories featured on the site. Most of the pieces are quite original in design and after 30 minutes of browsing, I found myself adding at least 5 items to my cart!  And because we know how devastating it is to bump into another woman in the same dress, at the same party, the site promises to offer a limited number of pieces for each design so you're assured of exclusivity.  Here are some of my favorite items at Shopthemag.com