Visiting Victoria & Albert

One thing that I always make sure to do whenever I'm in London is to visit the Victoria & Albert Museum. And this time I had the chance to visit two exhibitions that were held at V&A. The first one is titled Postmodernism: Style and Subversion 1970–1990 which explores and documents lifestyle, architecture, and culture in the past two decades. Think Grace Jones's outfits, David Byrne's famous big suit, architecture from the late seventies, weird and creative looking teapots, Chanel suits made in the 80's, and more. Unfortunately, photography was prohibited so I only managed to take one photo of the exhibition. However, I was allowed to take photos from the Postmodernism shop which you will find below.

I also visited an exhibition titled The Power of Making, which celebrates the role of making and crafting in our lives by presenting an eclectic selection of over 100 exquisitely crafted objects (also photography was prohibited but I managed to snap a few photos). Among the things I have found was a headpiece shaped as lips and covered in blonde hair, as seen worn by Lady Gaga of course. Scroll down for more...

Gorrilla made made of coat hangers as seen here
The only lonely picture I took from Postmodernism exhibition
Cool stuff at Postmodernism's shop
Retro-looking accessories
Cute watches that reminded me of Kuwait's TV Channel in the 80's

Books on fashion and style
Now these pictures were taken from the V&A's shop itself. Check out these cute re-useable gift-wraps
The mustache brooch
Fashion at the Power of Making exhibition, the below dress is made entirely out of needles.


the boudoir. said…
Still havent been there...that second exhibition looked very interesting! and soon Darmaki will be exhibiting the new shoe collection there
Confashion said…
The Boudoir
You must visit it next time you're in London :)
And yeah DARMAKI is amazing! I'm so happy for him to achieve this at the beginning of his career :)
Bahrainipreneur said…
aaaah V&A i heart ! thank u soo much for this post - i missed my autumn londy trip, you made me feel like i was there :)
Anonymous said…
look how much we're missing poor us! no museums no Art no nothing!! Walla we are really the rich poors of this world, you have to pay KD5000 to be able to get some culture! I hope you enjoyed your trip dear confashionista and fulfilled your cultural needs as we all humans need to do once in a while before we dry out and become cactuses :O
Confashion said…
I'm so glad you liked it :)

LOL! I know! But I have to admit, the cultural scene in Kuwait has slightly shown some growth and development with the launch of various art galleries and so many cultural event happening around K-town, not as often as we'd like to see but still better than nothing... :)