Shoes? Yes! Please!

So! I was in London, GCC-ers favorite travel destination. Apologies to those who have e-mailed me and didn't get a reply yet as I haven't had the chance to go through them while I was away.  There is always a familiar kind of love when being in this achingly cool city.  I know how weird this may sound, especially that there are no similarities between K-town and London, but it actually felt like little home away from home. Anyhow, let me stop stating the obvious and let’s talk foot candy. How can I possibly resist beautifully designed shoes and especially when they come in my size! Total bliss! And It's official. I have found my #1 favorite pair of shoes for this season!! They have to be Fendi's Chameleon laser-cut leather pumps (thanks to my fellow shoes-addict M who bbm-ed me a photo of the Fendi heels in lime green before I arrived to London) They come in various colors and different leather types, like the ones shown in the 1st and 2nd photos featured here. However, the ones that come with lime green heels are completely sold out in London! Sigh!  

I didn't know Miu Miu's most wanted glitter peep-toe ankle boots had a flat version! Cute!
The purrrrfect heels? Charlotte Olympia's Kitty embroidered velvet wedge heels

Sam Edelman "Pax" studded boot! A definite two thumbs up!
Siiiigh Balenciaga heels... Need we say more?

Snake skin patch work heels by Dries van Noten (above) ChloƩ (below)
A green day at Prada! Heart!
I am 100% swooning over these Kirkwood's (photo above)!


Anonymous said…
miu miu shoes is beautiful but painful :P including flats
Anonymous said…
they r beautiful i want to cry
Confashion said…
Really?! I find them the opposite! They're always comfortable! Unlike other brands I get deceived into buying! :P

hahahaha me too!