Museum of Everything

There I was at Museum of Everything in Selfridges snapping pictures away when suddenly I spotted a warning sign "No Photography. You will be fined 1,000 pounds"!!! Whaaa! I freaked out! I was about to loose 1,000 pounds of my shopping budget!! I immediately hid my camera inside my bag hoping that no one saw me. And started walking around the museum really fast expecting that any minute I'd be stopped by the security guards. Phew! That did not happen thankfully. And I did manage to have a look at the exhibition, which showcased over 400 drawings, paintings and sculptures from around the world by self-taught artists with developmental and physical disabilities.  I was really amazed by this fact and was glad to know that the people behind the museum were trying to connect the artists to the real world and give their work the proper presentation that they deserve. There were blown-up versions of some of the Museum's work on Selfridges' window displays along Oxford Street. So I safely settled for taking photos of the lovely window displays. Scroll down to view the beautiful creations.

Loved the shoes and the below shown dress with scribbles and doodles.


Titi said…
Love it .. Thanks for sharing this with us ... love ur blog, great post..
Confashion said…
You're more than welcome :)
It loves you too ;)