The Floral Blazer is Here!

Remember my post on Cacharel's amazing print for its A/W2011 collection and how disappointed  I was for not seeing the floral suit (shown below) as part of their new arrivals? Well, guess whaaaat? The blazer is finally here! I was very excited when I found out that Cacharel boutique, located in Arraya complex, received more pieces from the runway collection. The only drawback? The matching pants were not received yet! Uff!! BUT I did find other pieces that tickled my fancy and got me distracted (ah! those gorgeous prints!!), thank god or the sales lady would never hear the end of it!

*Photo credit of runway show


Anonymous said…
its so pretty,i just love florals
Confashion said…
I have another budget-friendly version for you too ;) but of course not as stunning as Cacharel's!