Exclusive to Confashions: Christian Louboutin Chapter

Today sees the release of the fabulous film Les 20 Ans in celebration of the arrival of the 20th Anniversary book Christian Louboutin.  Les 20 Ans takes the viewer on a journey inside the book, exploring a selection of the spectacular photographs found within its pages, each one created in a special collaboration between Christian and some of his closest friends such as Mika, Dita Von Teese, and more.

Les 20 Ans offers viewers an intimate look at how each photograph was created from initial concept to finished creation. It also offers a unique opportunity to learn how Christian has worked with some of his closest friends over the past 20 years.  

I have exclusively received this featured chapter to share with you in which Mika is photographed and discusses his relationship with Christian Louboutin. You can enjoy the full film later today by clicking here.