Do You Like What You See?

What started as a quick shopping trip at N Boutique to grab that lips covered Hulton piece (just want to make my wardrobe happy and current), has morphed into an unintentional shopping spree at the worst financially challenged time thanks to this gorgeous Reece Hudson envelope style oversized clutch, plus other items which I'll be sharing with you later.  The contrasting textures of exotic and plain leather on the clutch and the fact that I can comfortably fit my belongings and have a bit of room for the extra junk, makes this Reece Hudson bag stand out and so hard to resist! 

N Boutique, located at Burj Jassim, has a selection of Reece Hudson bags in various colors and their prices start at around KD 210  for the plain leather ones.

*Photo credit: Tommy Ton


Anonymous said…
love them love them love them!
Toomzie said…
red is def a color id go for. love what i see!
Confashion said…
Me toooooo!

You should have seen the mustard colored one with the python detail.. tdf