Dina Jsr...A Name You Need to Know Now

I came to know about Dina Jsr, a fresh and new fashion talent from our region, through a friend. So I visited her website to find out more about the designer and her collection. And let me tell you, I was instantly amazed by her work and her profile.  Even though Dina has a jewelry design BA from Central Saint Martins and a diploma in diamonds and semi-precious gems from the Gemology Institute of America (GIA) under her belt, her passion for fashion led her to enroll in evening classes at the Beirut branch of ESMOD: fashion design and also got a ten-month internship with renowned fashion designer Rabih Kayrouz

Dina has just recently debuted her first collection, and while skimming through her designs online you can see that the cocktail dresses and evening gowns she has designed focus on architectural details and feminine accents. And that's not all, Dina paid strong attention to the finishing of her designs (look closely at the close-up photos), a quality rarely found in designers from our region. The details simply look flawless on her pretty cocktail dresses and evening gowns. Dina Jsr will surly and quickly became a household name for those who love pretty cocktail dresses.


Ginger said…
Very talented designer !! Such amazing details !!
beautiful collection... dina is so sweet inshala she'll be a name that you wont forget best of luck gorgeous xxx

Confashion said…
very very pretty details! Can't wait to see them up close and personal!

am not a head shrinker
If she continues working in such flawless way I'm sure she'll be hitting it BIG!