Dear Confashion: Retro Revival

The 50's and 60's waist accentuating chic dresses of yesterday found their way to our 21st century fashion with Retro Revival, a newly started home business. The brand, designed by a British designer, is inspired by the rich and diverse culture of Africa. So it mixes African fabrics with modernized 50's and 60's shapes. 

I loved the full-shaped dress, would look pretty paired with Assad Mounser's gunmetal-plated brass and spiked fluorite necklace. A pearl necklace would be a no-no, unless you want to look like a cast member of Mad Men, then that's a different story... 

For further inquiries or to order, please send an e-mail to


Beautiful! I really like! Best of luck to them :)
Anonymous said…
Love them! Is there a link where I can browse their collection.
Retro Revival said…
The Manhatan Team : Thanks a lot for the kind words :)

Anonymous : Check out the whole collection on FB
Confashion said…
The Manhattan Team
SO pretty! :)