Dear Confashion: Mina Ro Mina

I have been introduced to a jewelry brand called Mina Ro Mina’s by Erika Ponce. While skimming through the brand's lookbook, I have noticed how Its pieces were distinguished by ornate and modern designs. The brand has just unvelied its second collection titled Lilies and Guitars,  greatly influenced by the impressionist paintings of Claude Monet and the cubist creations of Pablo Picasso. from this collection I fell in love with its curved earrings shown in the first photo and the ornamented hair combs. 

Most recently, one of Ponce's pieces was chosen by Swarovski to be shown in their “Crystal Loves Leather” showcase gallery in New York in 2009. And this year Mina Ro Mina has been featured in L’Officiel, International Vogue, Teen Vogue and People Style Watch. Also look out for the Lilies & Guitars collection in the November issue of Vogue USA. The brand will be stocked soon in the Middle East so stay tuned for updates on that.