Saturday, October 22, 2011

Dear Confashion: J. Cure London at Kuwait

I have been introduced to a luxury brand that focuses on designing accessories for women and men using exotic leather. The brand called J.Cure London and it provides a range of products including phone covers, ipad covers, ladies handbags and clutches, men's and womens' belts and a line of corporate gifts. By looking at the photos I have received, the bags and clutches seem like the type which you want to hold and feel the beauty of the leather and simplicity of the design. And I like how the designer focused on  creating timeless unique piece to stand the test of time.

J.Cure London can be reached via email for any order requests and/or any inquiries or by phone calling (+965) 9992-7139 or 9961-2731.


Mademoiselle said...

I think I passed by this shop in Burj Jassim the other day. It looked interesting, but I didn't go in.

Confashion said...

Where exactly is it located?

Mademoiselle said...

If I remember correctly, I saw it in the ground floor.

J Cure London said...

We are located at Burj Jassim Tower, Kuwait City on the second floor next to the Maki Japanese restaurant. The official opening will take place within a month ,however, we are already having clients visit by appointment. Just let us know when works for you.

Confashion said...

J Cure
Thank you for the info :) And I will definitely do :)


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