Dear Confashion: Alephya

These casual cool tee's with beautiful Arabic calligraphy by Beirut-based brand alephya are perfect for casual outings paired with light cardigans or denim shirts or worn alone with maxi skirts. 

alephya is driven by the universal aesthetic of the Arabic letterform. The letterform here becomes the vehicle of this new aesthetic expression, without any reference to letter recognition or readability, as a result, it opened up endless possibilities to draft unique patterns out of the many modules.  alephya proposes an endless array of applications on  fashion, furniture, home accessories, stationary, jewelry, and fabrics. It also undertakes special custom-made projects. For further info or inquiries, please click here


Anonymous said…
These shirts are beautiful! Do you know where I can get one in Kuwait?
Confashion said…
Not sure if you can find them in Kuwait but you can e-mail their website maybe they can ship it to you?
Nathalie said…
you can check out
or for updates on the brand