Copy Cat: Isabel Marant Renell Navajo Jeans

Nicole Richie, whom I had a major girls crush back in the day when her photos were on every fashion magazine's best dressed list, was spotted recently dressed in Isabel Marant Renell Navajo embroidered jeans. These pair will sure add an ├╝ber-chic spin to any out-and-about attire!


Anonymous said…
Speaking of copy cats, how would you react to a (ex-) friend who shows up to work with you looking exactly like you from head to toe? Same haircut, hairdo, hair color, make up, outfit combination, body language and even borrows your commonly spoken phrases? They say copying is the highest form of flattery... in the begining it was fun looking at an impersonator, but it gets annoying when she goes beyond being inspired... seriously mo naqi9 ila tghayer isimha el7een :( shrayich?
Confashion said…
wow that's annoying!! Well... First of all, you have to know that it is a compliment that she's copying you which means she admires your style.

However, that said, If you really value her friendship, then you need to be open and talk to her about it in a gentle way that is. Offer to shop with her to help her find her own personal style. And make it clear that you value your individuality and it frustrates you to see someone copying your style.

Hope that was helpful :)