Confashions From Kuwait Featured in Sarab

Last Summer I was approached by the No.001 team, a boutique visual communication studio, to do a segment on me in Sarab Magazine (previously known as Adam & Eve) called The Anatomy of a Tastemaker.  The feature captures personal style and they have previously worked on segments featuring the personal style of Maryam Al Nusif of Tempered, and the edition before that was Sulaiman Al Bader.

So they have asked me to select pieces that I personally own and love, and showcase items in my wardrobe that I have memories attached to and that tells the story of my wardrobe. I felt awkward at first showing my clothes and accessories to the No.001 team and started babbling like a toddler. I was thinking to myself  "Man! I must be boring them to death!!", but thankfully all turned well thanks to their charm, professionalism, and friendliness.
So the feature is now out and if you absolutely, positively have nothing else to do, you can find the feature and read all about it in the latest edition of Sarab Magazine. Thank you No.001!


Noaf H. said…
You did not babble at all. Major misrepresentation people! It was a ridiculous amount of fun, without your stories there would BE no article. So thanks again for sharing!

Confashion said…
Noaf H.
You're far too kind xoxo
Thank you sweetie :)