The other day I paid a visit to The Sultan Gallery to check out their latest exhibition by internationally acclaimed, Beirut based Bokja design studio titled: Arab Fall. I was intrigued to find out what the Bokja team have contributed to the Art scene especially that to me, they're mainly known for their much-loved furniture designs and not art installations. And I'm glad that I didn't miss this exhibition. The art installations felt very emotionally charged and bold especially that they're inspired by the wave of social and political developments sweeping the Arab world. Scroll down to find out more details. Arab_Fall exhibition is on until 20th October, 2011.

This map installation, titled Arab Spring, shows the Arab world as-is. And there was another map installation parallel to it showing a map according to Bokja. Titled Arab_Fall, the map is interpreted by the designers/artists of what will come. The last 6 photos featured in this post gives you a closer look of the details used on the 2nd map.

The Arab Spring map was created using an old traditional carpet as a background representing traditions and real values and a hope for a positive transformation. According to the installation's description, the carpet is in shabby state just like many of our values which have been pushed aside and are in need of restoration. As for the Arab_Fall, it was created using denim fabric as a background for the sad reality of the Arab world, obsessed with consumerism and materials.

Check out the details on the Arab Fall map... so many symbols referring to culture of each arab country. Can you name some of the symbols used?

According to the description on the wall, this flying elephant (strategically placed on Libya) serves as a reminder of all the absurd slogans that have been forced upon generations of unconvinced people across the region.


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