Wrap it Up

I love it when designer boutiques and stores in general make their complimentary gift wrapping service extra sweet and special, like this gift I posted about previously. I find plain Jane gift wrapping extremely boring! And I don't understand why retailers concentrate on store's merchandizing and window displays,  and forget about little things that truly matter, to me at least, like proper gift wrapping, or neatly folding and putting my stuff in the shopping bag. I've been outraged by A LOT of cashiers, high end and highstreet, who have carelessly tossed my stuff inside the store's bag like they were pieces of junk (referring to the items I bought that is)!  Why is it so difficult for the cashiers to take two minutes to fold and pack my stuff neatly into my shopping bag. Beats me!

Anyhow, if you're looking for some great gift ideas for close friends or family members and with  beautiful gift packaging, I recommend checking out Mulberry boutique in the Avenues Phase II. My lovely friend got me a gorgeous iPad case and it was perfectly packaged in a canvas bag (which I'll be using as a beach bag as well) with a cute illustration of Mulberry's signature handbags, tied in cute white ribbons, and decorated with an even cuter Mulberry bird, the same bird used on the boutique's window display which I have featured here. Hmm.. now that I look at the bird's photo, it does look kind of creepy! But I assure you it looked cute in real life! Oh! And they also threw in some Mulberry stickers (shown in the last photo). The result? A beautifully packaged gift that will surely leave your friend/sister in awe when she receives it.


May said…
I appreciate the brand/store more if their packaging is beautiful!
Confashion said…
And fold my stuff neatly inside the bag! I paid for them! :P