Where to Shop Tonight

So you like what you see? This chic oversized clutch is part of an exhibition being held currently at Massila. Click on Save the Date link on my blog to check out more pieces and to see what else is new around K-town.


panacheous.com said…
hi Confashion, btw it's at Iris villa in Messila;) and also they have the coolest panama hats with artistic paintings own! each is UNIQUE, am going there hopefully on Sat to grab me 1 or 2;) am a sucker for panama hats;)
Ginger said…
Amazing !!
Hasnâa said…
so cute :)
Confashion said…
Thanks for sharing ;)

I did receive photos of the cool panama hats but they were too small to feature on my blog! I loved them! I'm a panama hat fan myself! :P

Glad you liked them :)

And practical too :)