The Very Vest

It took me a while to find a flattering sheepskin gilet that didn't make me look like an extra from Shaun the Sheep episodes (a fat extra may I add). And ever since I got my fluffy vest almost a year ago, I've been contemplating whether I should buy me another one since I found the piece to be quite versatile.  It's the ultimate addition to a great pair of flares, hippie chic skirt, leather cropped pants, maxi dresses, skinny jeans paired with Isabel Marant boots *wink to D*. But honestly, living in hot hot hot Kuwait, how many pieces of furry vests do I really need! Maximum one! But it doesn't hurt to try it on in shops every now and then, like I did recently with this Reiss number (don't you just love their wallpaper?!).  The Sheepskin gilet (I think it was priced at KD 194)  looked really cute, not that flattering on me though! and I LOVED pairing it with these crushed velvet high-waist pants, also from Reiss and priced at KD 55. Very Bohemian chic indeed! Guess what? I ended up buying the... pants of course! Wise, no? 


Au natural said…
I love the vest
Confashion said…
Au natural
It's so soft and cozy! too bad it didn't flatter me at all :l