Studded Heels For Less

Spotted these very Louboutin-meets-Isabel Marant's Gava heels at Kurt Geiger boutique in the Avenues the other day (shown in first photo). They looked quite nice actually and ideal for those who want to get the same designer look for less. I also spotted the yellow and black kitten heel with black studs shown below, but  me no likey. I think it was the shade of yellow used, hmm... or was it the way it fitted the feet? Anyhow, they were priced at KD 55+. 


Alla said…
Loooove the yellow one... ♥
Confashion said…
I'm more of team black ;)
But glad you liked it.
Anonymous said…
i love the yellow! but id wear black :P
HessandCo. said…
I love to just look at kurt's collection but their not comfy! :(

Confashion said…
I'd go for the black :P

I agree.. most of their shoes are not too comfy.. they flats (if padded) however are quite comfortable!