Oh, Erdem!

How do i love thee? That refined elegance, that oh-so-feminine lace detail, that impeccable embroidery. I said it before and I'll say it again, those qualities have become synonymous with the Erdem name. I was at Al Othman boutique recently to check out the latest collection of Erdem's pre-fall pieces, and let me tell you,  I was immediately hooked to this piece! It was extremely hard not to fall head over heels in love with this black Erdem shift dress and its gorgeous embroidered details. Definitely my favorite piece from the pre-fall collection. Price tag? KD 698. 

I also spotted this dress from the same line, and yes, it looked very pretty, the color was flattering too, but I felt it was more suitable for someone in her 40's+. Price tag? KD 989


meghamk said…
Kate Middleton wore the blue dress when she was visitng Quebec.....Erdem is divine....the model showcasing the dress on the site....is a diff story however!
A. said…
the Royal blue is AMAZING!!
Ginger said…
The blue dress is my favorite !!
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me ! said…
<3 erdem
never could get bored with the prints !
Confashion said…
Yes I remember her wearing that dress. She looked so pretty :)

Erdem is AMAZING ;)

I'm more into the floral LBD :)
Will do now ;)

Heart erdem indeed ;)
A. said…
yes it is couldn't agree more :)