I'll ring this one in...

Talk about a conversation piece! Check out these super cute mini rings by a Kuwait-based brand which I have been introduced to lately. And even though I’ve been into bulky statement rings for the past couple of years now, it is quite refreshing to see a selection of minimal gold and diamond styles that are not only sleek and different, but can easily be paired with my other bulky ring selection. The brand is called Th'haba

Derived from the Arabic word (Thahab) which is Gold. Th'haba in the Kuwaiti dialect is used to describe a female that is as precious as Gold. "T o us... each female is as precious as Gold.. each female is a Th'haba..." expressed the designer. 

I have gone through their current collection and I just can't seem to decide between the chained ring collection and the Oh! ring collection. The first featured photo is of the Chained Ring collection which comes in white, yellow, or rose gold. Price tag? KD 160 (around $578). Scroll down to see my other favorite pieces of Th'haba

If you're interested to place an order or have more inquires, please send an e-mail to thhaba.jewelry@gmail.com or you can send a BBM to Pin: 236DEE3D, or call and WhatsApp (+965) 5535-3805. 

The "oh! Ring!" gold (white, yellow, or rose) and white or black diamonds collection. Price tag? KD 115 (around $415). The "oh! Baguette!" ring has a baguette cut diamond ring available in white, yellow, or rose gold. Price tag? KD 85 (Around $307). 

The "oh! Sapphire!" ring is priced at KD 70 (around $252)


Anonymous said…
Hey there ! I sent ya an email last night and you didnt reply !! Really i need your help ;(
Confashion said…
Yup! It's hard to decide on which one to go for!

I hope I replied to you by now :)

Au natural
I know! I'm tempted to buy more than one!