Here Comes The Al Othman Bride...

I had the pleasure to visit the newly opened boutique Al Othman Bridal located at Mariam Complex in Salmiya. The moment I stepped inside the boutique I felt the serenity of the place with smells of fresh flowers. When suddenly a familiar friendly face warmly greeted me at the door, it was May of Al Othman, who's in charge of the Bridal Boutiques in Bahrain and now Kuwait. She showed me around and gladly answered all my questions. I took a sneak peak of the gorgeous bridal gowns. I had a strong urge to try them on all! I wonder if I'd be still welcomed at Al Othman. The off-white carpets of the fitting room and the waiting room are soft and welcoming to my feet. And gives the bride-to-be and her family the privacy they need. What I like about the services offered at Al Othman Bridal is that they do some alterations to the gown to fit your style, so you won't feel like getting a cookie cutter! Plus if you have seen a certain wedding gown you're interested in from the brands they carry, they can order it for you and have it delivered within 3 months max. Some of the designers Al Othman Bridal work with include Vera Wang, Elie Saab, Oscar de la Renta, Carolina Herrera, and Louboutin shoes to name a few.

I'm sure Brides and bridezillas-to-be living in Kuwait will certainly feel blessed to have a bigger selection of bridal wear as far as ready-to-wear bridalwear is concerned. 

The waiting area for family or friends of the bride-to-be is so serene and cozy

A sneak peak of the bridal fitting room
Loved the wallpaper used in the boutique
Check out this beautiful vintage necklace worn by May


Danderma said…
prAwww how pretty!
Let me share this story about Al-Othman with you. My mother got her wedding dress in 1979 from Al-Othman. Then a few years back when me and my mother both got dresses for my younger sister's wedding from Al-Othman the woman tailor who altered mine and my mom's dresses was the same one who altered my mom's wedding dress all these years ago and my mom told her so. It was a beautiful realization and if it means anything it means Al-Othman have been there dressing women and their daughters for their wedding for generation on end!

Congratulation Al-Othman on the new bridal boutique :D
May said…
Prettyyy! :)
Rana said…
finally!!! Now all i need is to get me a cute handsome hubby *angel face*
Sn3a said…
i want the wedding
not the marriage ;p
Anonymous said…
one month too late :'( :'(
Confashion said…
I can so relate! My mother and grandmother BOTH used to be loyal customers of AL Othman back in the late 50's! Now not so much because she can't find her sizes there... but my sisters and I gladly carried on her legacy :P and the new generation shops al othman religiously :P

I hope you still have your mom's wedding dress :)

very! ;)

LOL!! Hopefully soon ;)

LOL! I think most women want to have the opportunity to wear a wedding dress again and again... just for the fun of it :P

It's OK, for your future daughter ;)