Fashion's Night Out California Style

Even though I couldn't make it to any of Fashion;s Night Out events, my lovely sister (Miss YOU!) celebrated her FNO California style baby! Yup, she spent her day/night at The Fashion Island. The festivities included dozens of in-store fashion and beauty events, giveaways, sweet treats and DJs throughout the center. And knowing how obsessed I am in fashion, she has taken some photos of some of the events that took place over there (bless her heart!). Excuse us for the quality of the photos as she used her mobile to take them. 

Fashion Island held its own fashion show showcasing clothes from participating retailers. 

Fashion Island kicked off Fashion's Night Out with a Fall Fashion Presentation hosted by celebrity stylist Melis Kuris (sitting on the left) in the Neiman Marcus-Bloomingdale's Courtyard, where she shared trend tips and Hollywood fashion secrets with the crowd.

Neiman Marcus held an event called The Art of Draping where five FIDM/Fashion Institute & Merchandising Alumni draped glamorous evening gowns during the reception. 

Also at Neiman Marcus, Nancy Reigelman, FIDM Instructor, fashion illustrator and author created fashion illustrations during the reception. 

And finally, Neiman Marcus organized a The Art of Fashion Fall Fashion Parade, showcasing the season's latest designer trends. 

I spy with my little eye something that begins with the letter P! PRADA! 


shu84 said…
nice photos, it is so beautiful:)
Confashion said…
Thanks :)