The Eternal Dilemma of Shorts

I can't help but visualize these cute short and fitted jackets paired with cute leather or dressy shorts, which in my case are most often reserved for house gatherings and preferably when the weather is cold so I can wear them with opaque tights. Yes, the jackets will still look chic and preppy worn with cropped pants and slim-fit skirts, but the result will not have the same "wow" factor. Anyhow, allow me to introduce you to my latest jackets finds. I fell in love with multi-colored tweed jacket trimmed with black leather detail from Uterqüe. Price tag? KD 99.

Found this budget-friendly fitted number with Chloé-ish scalloped details at H&M. Price tag? KD 21.900


May said…
I totally agree with you! The look will definitely be amazing! I love short shorts in winter with stockings :D But I guess you have limited places to wear them here :P
shu84 said…
lovely jackets:)
Anonymous said…
I LOVE Uterque! Everything I have bought from there has lovely details and great finishing.
startinou said…
The uterque is love at first sight..!!

Love your blog
Confashion said…
Yup! unfortunately... :|
dam you shorts! They're very flattering! :P

Thanks :)

And its almost always of great quality!

I couldn't agree more ;)