Dear Confashion: Chasing Anna

My fellow readers and fashionistas, here's a sneak peak of a fabulous fashion editorial styled and directed by my favorite local fashionisto Yousef Al Taher. The editorial is titled "Chasing Anna!", the hair will give you a pretty good hint of Anna who!, and is featured in the September issue of Bazaar magazine.

I looooved this feature, busy Anna Wintour-ish out and about... Kuwaiti style! One point though, I wish the model's bob was styled sharp straight rather than angled. But all in all I loved it! Yousef, you kill me with your creativity. Great work!  


miya said…
soooooo clever <3 & i agree with you on the hair point
if i was the editor, i would make the model put a sarcastic smile on ... since i never watched anna smiled to the cameras before :P
Dunia Al Beshara said…
Question:- Do u know how I can subscribe to Harpers Bazaar Arabia and Haute Muse plz

thank u
YasmineElCharif said…
Yay! I'm loving the idea of the fabulous Anna fleeing fashion week for stylish K-town! Yousef is always on the road for reinvention, I wonder what else he will do next. :)
Confashion said…
hahahaha yup! That would be so anna!

Dunia Al Beshara
You can subscribe to haute muse through As for Harpers Bazaar, you may try emailing them and asking them how because I couldn't find anything online:,

Great work Bazaar and Yousef :)
Mademoiselle said…
well done harpers bazaar & yousef!
Anonymous said…
this has so have been done before by vogue, no offense but you shouldn't praise someone who copies others work
Nasser said…
yeah this was done by french vogue when carine was still editor....i mean i like yousef and i dont mean to call him out....but its not an original idea by any stretch
Confashion said…
Well done indeed :)

Anonymous and Nasser
Thanks for sharing. I wasn't aware of French Vogue's editorial. I must check it out. But that said, I still give yousef and Bazaar credit for setting up the fashion editorial and for styling. :)
Fajer said…
LoooL. Sorry about the hair guys :)