DarUsha Has a New Address

You know the saying out of sight out of mind? Well, the saying describes my previous shopping interaction with DarUsha Boutique. Basically, because of 1st ring road constructions, I didn't get to shop at DarUsha as much as I would have liked to. And tend to remember it only during Ramadan, because of its beautiful caftan selections, or when I check its page on Facebook. So I was thrilled when Hiba, owner of DarUsha, emailed me to announce that they have a new bigger and better location at Burj Jassim. I know I am excited to have you guys in the neighborhood and be able to just check in for new styles whenever I go to Bubbles or the lovely hip shops over there. 

DarUsha not only has a selection of caftans, but also a gorgeous line of cocktail and formal dresses which are somewhat reasonably priced. Featured here are some of the boutique's latest  arrivals and my favorites.

To get the latest news on  their new arrivals and special promotions, following them on facebook and twitter. For further inquiries, please call (+965) 2296-0610.


Fatma said…
Love the collection :) the colors are so me
Confashion said…
They're so classy chic :)