A Crafty Kuwaiti

Ibrah, sewing needle in Arabic, is a well-known brand name in the local fashion scene. And being a supporter of creative talents within our region in general and my hometown Kuwait specifically, I felt it's only natural to share Ibrah with all of my beloved readers. Ibrah is the brainchild of a Kuwaiti designer who started out by making necklaces and bracelets for her family and friends. She had enjoyed it so much that she decided to take the next step up, and that is introducing Ibrah officially to the world. Today, the brand which specializes in designing handmade accessories, is being sold online and is instantly recognized by local fashionistas. 

Ibrah's designer takes inspiration from items she sees in stores, fashion magazines, and online and tries to present them but with an innovative twist. "I get fascinated and curious on how some designs were made, so I examine the garment closely and try to figure out how it can introduced differently, once I learn that I try to find away to implement their methods in creating a necklace or a brouche for Ibrah." expressed the designer. "For example my cream collection was inspired by the Christian Louboutin's ruffle shoes.". Ibrah's designs include necklaces, t-shits, headbands, brooches, and more.  Featured here are some of my personal favorites.

You can order Ibrah's designs here or through twitter here and If you wish to contact Ibrah's team directly, please send an e-mail to ibrahq8@gmail.com.


Fatma said…
Wow, I love them.. So inspirational and colorful "Ibrah" so creative..  
Confashion said…
Can't wait to see what they come up with next :)
Fatma said…
Yeah me too.. I've just purchased one of their necklaces, the design is very neat and colorful, simple yet sophisticated.. I love it :)