Copy Cat: Liz's Heels

Sometimes pictures can be deceiving, especially when the picture is taken by a stylish blogger who can pretty much pull off anything, Like Liz

Liz, one of my favorite bloggers, is a Los Angeles-based fashionista and a personal style blogger with an impeccable taste. Whenever I have free time, I check out her blog titled Late Afternoon and marvel on how well she mixes high-street and high-end. Just recently, she has featured these gorgeous python/suede/leather heels with tassel detail (shown in the first photo). I immidiately thought there were by a designer brand but while reading her post, I came to know that the heels were actually from Zara!! So far, very impressed!

The next day I go to Zara, I spot the same Zara heels, try them on. Nope, not the same effect, and man they looked REALLY bad on me! Oh well.... I guess that's a brownie point for me for saving some money!! Seriously I'm working on my spending habits! So wish me luck!.


LadyB said…
I love Liz blog, her style is amazing !
I was lusting over those heels didn't check them out though !
Anonymous said…
off they look different! LOL
Confashion said…
She really knows how to nail street style :)

I know!! :\ I was disappointed!
Anonymous said…
Tried them on as well ! they looked hideous ! she wears them well !
Confashion said…
Same here :\