Copy Cat: Anna Dello Russo's Katrantzou Dress

Sigh... Anna Dello Russo's is one of the luckiest girls in the fashion world! She gets to wear anything she sees on the runway within 30 minutes of closing the shows! She can pull off anything... every style! During previous fashion week she was spotted wearing this Mary Katranzou's appliqu├ęd velvet dress. The dress is now available on net-a-porter. And if you can shell out KD 3,221 (7262.50 pounds sterling) on this stunner without blinking an eye, then this baby can be yours. 

Photo credit Phil Oh, Kenya.hunt, and net-a-porter.



Anonymous said… said…
she is such an inspiration! always looking fab, and the dress. yes to die for! as for all her collections...last season I didn't get a dress from her because I simply couldn't make up my mind ;/
May said…
No matter what she wears, she ALWAYS looks good!
A. said…
that dress is stunning <3 <3 <3
thx for 3awar el 8lb :P hehehe
Confashion said…
Thanks for sharing :)

hahaha I can totally relate!

I know!! I want her closet! and figure too! :P

Anytime ;)