Confashions Interviews Co-Founder of Moda Operandi

Moda Operandi has created waves of interest in the fashion scene, especially in our region after MO's Co-founder's, Áslaug Magnúsdóttir, recent visit to Kuwait, which I have covered in this post.  I had the pleasure to interview Áslaug and find out more about MO, her favorite trend of the season, and more. And that's not all, scroll down to the end of the interview to find out how you can get an exclusive pass to Fashion Week, only for Confashions from Kuwait readers!

Q: How did you come up with this innovative concept or purchasing designer items before even buyers?! What was the initial reaction from the fashion community when you first revealed the concept of Moda Operandi?
Over and over again, I heard from designers that many of their favorite pieces from their collections were not being ordered by traditional retailers and therefore were not being produced. At the same time, friends would tell me they loved a certain runway piece but couldn’t find it once collections hit stores. I wanted to find a way to connect designers directly with the women who appreciate them and allow designers’ special pieces to find a life beyond the runway. The response from the fashion community has been incredibly positive, and people are genuinely excited for it.

Q: You have just announced a collaboration with Vogue where within hours of each runway show from NYFW, readers of will have the ability to click on several individual looks from a selected designer that will lead them to Moda Operandi’s webpage and there, they'll be able to buy on the spot. What can you share with us about this new venture?
Since our launch, Moda Operandi has collaborated with select businesses that attract a similar customer base. We have always considered Vogue to be an ideal collaborator in this regard. During Fashion Week, attracts many users from around the world who are interested in seeing the latest styles off the runway. We are the only online retailer that specializes in selling the latest styles off the runway and we will provide a unique service to these users, allowing them to click through to the M’O site to immediately pre-order their favorite styles. Given the clear customer synergies between M’O and Vogue, as well as Lauren’s longstanding role with Vogue as a Contributing Editor, a collaboration between the two entities seemed like a natural fit.

Q: I have noticed that you mostly focus on US based brands and designers (excluding Rolex and Hermes), any plans to expand your brand list to include the biggest fashion houses in Paris, Milan, London…etc?
Our roster of designers includes a robust list of international designers who show in London, Paris, and Milan including Versace, Missoni, Matthew Williamson, Christopher Kane, Isabel Marant, Alberta Ferretti, and many more. We recently did a week of Brazilian designers that resulted from our visit to Sao Paolo Fashion Week. We featured such designers as Cris Barros, H.Stern, Clube Bossa, Carla Amorim, and Jo de Mar.

Q: In these tough economic times, what are you expecting from the designer brands you work with and your clients too?
I think that many designers will continue to offer a range of pricing that can accommodate different spectrum of budgets, but I do think that the luxury market is doing well and that full-price retail has been well-received by online consumers. Many of our clients come to us for the special pieces that are not available elsewhere. Often they see these pieces as investments.

Q: What is your favorite trend for fall/winter 2011?
I am a huge fan of Isabel Marant’s fringe boots this season. They perfectly combine craftsmanship with comfort and are guaranteed to make a statement in any setting.

Q: What is the show/collection you most look forward to seeing every season?
There are so many designers that I admire. I am constantly in awe of their ability to come up with new concepts and creations each season. Some of my favorite designers are Giambattista Valli, Matthew Williamson and Prabal Gurung.

Please complete the below:
a. A well-dressed woman... Dresses the way she feels and uses fashion as a form of expression. A well-dressed woman wears the clothes and doesn’t let the clothes wear her!
b. My place to escape… My home country Iceland for its natural beauty, great outdoor activities and strong artistic impulse, Italy for the wonderful food and fashion and South Africa for the game parks.
c. My number 1 fashion item… A pair of sky-high heels. Nicolas Kirkwood makes sculpturally stunning stilettos. 
e. My fashion icon… I admire women who can pull off a wide variety of different looks. Kate Moss is one of my all-time favorites.

Special thanks MO's Co-founder's, Áslaug Magnúsdóttir for this interview. Now here's the great news! Want an exclusive Fashion Week Pass? Moda Operandi's exclusive to confashions reader pass allows you to get instant membership to Moda Operandi in order to shop the latest ready-to-wear collections shown during Fashion Week in NY, London, Paris and Milan. All you have to do is simply click here!


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Dunia Al Beshara
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