Bye Bye Dry Cuticles

My previous experiences with some beauty products taught me that beauty products rarely live up to their claims. What was my beauty dilemma? I had dry and snagged cuticles and I have tried so many products over the year but they were all a quick fix. Until recently, I got introduced to Trind Cosmetics, a Dutch company which is world renown for its development of unique products in the field of hand and nail care. What makes Trind products different?  They are based on the natural consistency of the nail, cuticle and hands, which means Trind works without disturbing the structure of the nail while nourishing the cuticles and hands.

So I tried Trind's nail care kit and although the instructions required certain amount of commitment and time, I instantly noticed the difference in my nails and cuticles.  The nails are stronger and my cuticles are much softer  now. I liked the kit so much that I asked my friend to send me more kits from Bahrain (not sure if they're being sold anywhere here in Kuwait). And I have also tried Trind's French Manicure set, which made applying the nail polish 10 easier at home with it's nail tip stickers (shown in the photos) below. Fun, but knowing how rarely I do my nails at home, I'll stick to the nail care kit for now.

You can find out more about Trind Cosmetics, please click here.

Update: Al Ghalia W.L.L are the exclusive distributors of Trind in the GCC that includes all the neighboring countries.


Mademoiselle said…
thanks for sharing confashion!

I'll be heading to Dubai soon, hope I find these there!
Confashion said…
Hope you'll find it there ;)
Try for more info!