Baby, It's Cold Outside

New season always calls for a new mood! And for some reason I'm in the mood for a new coat! Actually I think after seeing Burberry's selection of fabulous coats during its S/S 2012 runway, I'm more geared up than ever to find a statement coat.  I know I'll be hardly wearing it here though. But it will come in handy next time I plan for a winterish trip. So I did my rounds, offline first, and found some really chic coats with polished styles by DKNY, located in the Avenues Phase II, and our high-street favorite Zara
I fell in love with this très chic DKNY trench coat trimmed with black leather paneling. Price tag? KD 335

Love love love capes! This wool cape is by DKNY and also retails for KD 335

Now for the budget friendly versions, a very Céline-ish coat from Zara coat. Priced at KD 59

And this light-weight coat is also from Zara and its not orange in color! Don't know what went wrong with my cam. It's actually hot pink, like Jackie-O's iconic hot pink suit. It looked cute but not the heavy-duty type. Price tag? KD 59.


May said…
"say lend me a coat
it's up to your knees out there"
I love that song ;D
Oh and I love the first DKNY coat ;)
Confashion said…
"i've got to go away...
but baby its cold outside...
this evening has been soo verry nice..."

me too! ;)
And I agree, the DKNY is my favorite pick so far :)