Zara gets Waxed

Ladies, forget about J Brand Houlihan's and your boyfriend-cut jeans (temporarily of course as I can't part with mine!). This season, get yourself a pair of waxed denim. The new "it" jeans of the season. And I'm glad I spotted 3 budget-friendly versions at Zara to test the trend first before I throw my money down the drain. Zara had the waxed denim in 3 colors: Bordeaux (like the one featured here which I ended up buying because the denim was in the color of the season and looked great too!), silver-ish black, and dusty-gold. I tried them on and they were perfect! It's like wearing a pair of leather pants minus the discomfort and the sweating (excusez-moi). And they're light weight, which makes them perfect for our weather, and they give your off-duty look some seriously fierce and ├╝ber-chic attitude. And now I'm debating whether I should buy J Brand's Gigi mid-rise waxed cropped jeans in black or dark brown.  Hmm.. or maybe get Mrs. Beck's denim?. And that's not all! I also spotted this very Alexander Wang-ish white tee with a splash of waxed paint on one side of the shoulder also at Zara. Price tag? KD 8.500.

Hmm.. I think Zara has been dominating my high-street posts! And hey! I'm not complaining! I'm glad to find a way to test fashion trends at very reasonable prices.


Mademoiselle said…
oh love the top!
I was there just the other day, and found a hot gold tunic. Didn't get it because the fabric made me feel like I was wearing a plastic garbage bag :(
I'll go tomorrow and hunt your top :)
Confashion said…
I saw it too! And I actually liked it.. but didn't think it would look flattering on me either!
I hope you managed to get the tee :)