The White Walk

Last night my friend and I decided to go to the WhiteExpo event, which was held at 360 Mall.  We have decided to go there early to avoid the crowd, but that didn't work out because people were already lined up outside the entrance of the exhibition hall waiting for the doors to open. Luckily, a relative of mine was participating in the event and was able to get me in from the side entrance. But just 10 minutes later, the main door opened and people flocked in. The lifestyle exhibition, which will be held until Wednesday 10th, features everything from caftans, handbags, and custom jewelry to desserts, home furniture and  furnishings. It also acts as a platform for new business to introduce their latest services.  You can find out more about who's participating by clicking here.

Here are some items that I really liked, starting with the first photo which I have taken from 24's booth. I fell in love with these colorful dolls, they would make a nice statement in a neutral colored living room.The below couch is also by 24.

Paper Design is one of the booths that I liked as well. And how cute these blue colored shelves are! Everything is so neatly organized. If the name sounds familiar, I did feature it previously on my blog here. The booth offer a beautiful hand-picked selection of greeting cards and notepads, as well as perfect-for-everyday, simple, and affordable caftans (Around KD 60) and shawls (KD 35). You can get a better look at the navy striped tie-dye caftan here.
More stuff from Paper Design
Loved these necklaces which I spotted at a different booth... I forgot its name! (hate it when that happens!). If you're the owner of the booth and reading this now, please place a comment with your business details. Thanks!


shu84 said…
lovely dols:)
Anonymous said…
thank u so much for this great article :) .. the last pic was at ( nice day ) scarves and accessories :)
Confashion said…
I'm already picturing them in our living room :P

Thank YOU for sharing the info :)