Webby Wednesday: Moda Operandi

The idea of bagging the hottest pieces directly from the fashion runway with just a click, takes online shopping to a whole new digital level, not to mention a time-saver bliss.  Just imagine avoiding those long anxious waits for getting the designer item you really really want, or suck up to mean and snobbish sales people to save that bag for you. I have the pleasure to introduce you to the revolutionary members-only site: Moda Operandi. The site is a chock-full of exciting shopping events from fashion's most coveted designer brands, where you get to pre-order clothes and accessories as soon as 48 hours after a runway show!

And that's not all, they're hosting a vintage week from August 15 to 19th, where you can buy vintage Hermes, Chanel, and Rolexes. Check out these exclusive photos below for a sneak peak of what will be available on the site. I love vintage shopping especially when it concerns accessories. I really feel that buying a vintage piece is like securing a piece of history rather than just adding a piece of accessory or clothing to your wardrobe. So join the fashion crowd by clicking here


miss ghesquiere said…
thats the thing started by lauren santodomingo right?
Confashion said…
miss ghesquiere
Yup. Lauren Santo Domingo (Vogue Contributor) and Aslaug Magnusdottir, (Former VP of Gilt Group). And they have hired fashion retail consultant Yasmin Sewell as a Fashion Director.