Webby Wednesday: Creative Space Beirut

The Creative Space is a two-month workshop in Beirut, Lebanon initiated by Sara Hermez (Name sounds familiar? I have featured her amazing work previously here). The space is committed to providing a free educational space where aspiring fashion designers from different backgrounds collaborate to create an haute couture collection.

Hermez actually started this school by her own and is working with her Parson's professor who she had flown in from New York to Beirut!

You have got to click here to see what these talented students designed so far, from the photos they actually do look like they have designed pieces with haute couture standards. So impressive and something to definitely be proud of.


Lebanon Cat said…
i like this post because it's talking about Lebanese project
plz post more stuff like that from my hometwon Lebanon ... ;)
Confashion said…
Lebanon Cat
I'm glad you do ;) And I promise to post more about Beirut