The True Spirit of Ramadan

First of all, I would like to wish you all a happy, peaceful, and blessed Ramadan. This post might come as a surprise, but I felt the need to highlight a very important issue today. And that is the true spirit of Ramadan. Sometimes we tend to forget the true meaning of what Ramadan is all about. It's not a food festival, it's not about the latest TV series, and it's definitely not about the latest caftans (Shocking I know! coming from a fashion junkie!). I do admit that the caftans part is fun but it's shouldn't be our major drive. Ramadan is about giving and feeling for people who are less fortunate. People who do not have food on their tables. And that brings me to my main objective of this post. The food crisis in Somalia. If you have enough money to spare on the latest dishes and caftans, please take a moment to donate a small portion of this money to people who really need it. The food crisis in Somalia is the most severe in recent years. It is reaching alarming proportions. So I have gathered links of official organizations which you can donate to.
Thank you for your time. 

Update: one of my readers has also informed me that the recently opened restaurant 10oh8 send 1 meal to Somalia for every follower. That's a great initiative!

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