Time for New Make-up products?

I said it before and I'll say it again, I'm no expert in women's beauty products, but when I received these samples from M.A.C Cosmetics, I'm not going to complain! In fact, these samples encouraged me to go check out beauty counters to update my outdated so-called make-up collection.

So M.A.C has sent me samples of their new Semi-Precious Collection. The Mineral Mode eye shadow and the Warmth of Coral blush. The eye shadow is made of a shimmery and matte white base with copper-ish and grey veining. Honestly I wasn't so sure if I'll end up using it, but when I tried it on, it gave a nice neutral color which can be easily handled by make-up amateurs like myself. The blush was a no-brainer and it actually complemented my skin tone giving it a nice bronze-like color. Take a closer look at how beautiful the color mixture of the eye shadow and the blush. Don't they look like planets from outer space? 

And the next day, I read on TopShop Middle East facebook page, that they have received a new selection of make-up products at their Avenues store, so I went there to check it out and ended up buying this eye shadow called Solar cell. 

And I fell in love with this sheer and moisturizing lip gloss called Glisten. It's not too glossy and it's not too sticky, it just adds a perfect soft color to your lips minus the usual mess of a lip gloss.


Au natural said…
I loved MAC's Semi-precious collection but when I was on vacation and I only found one of the blushes, almost everything was out of stock :(. I got an amazing blush I'm going to post about soon called gold deposit from that collection. You should try it<3. The Topshop eyeshadow looks amazing, cant wait to check it out. Loved the post confashions, eshta66ait :)
Confashion said…
Au natural
Do you know when it was released in Kuwait?
I have tried the topshop eye shadow and I liked it a lot! It gives you a shimmery black application with a hint of green :)