Thank You Thouq

Better late than never! One of the cutest Gurgai'an (Ramadan treat) I have received this year was from THOUQ magazine. The goodie bag, made from traditional fabrics, was attached to a cooking spoon which was painted in bright blue for a modern twist I guess. And the bag was not only stuffed with nuts and candies, but also some cool gadgets and other nick-nacks like a mani/Pedi grooming set, compact mirror, and mini handheld light to name a few. I'm definitly going to save the goodie bag and use it as an accessories travel bag.  Thank you so much THOUQ team for this lovely and practical Gurgaian. 


Mademoiselle said…
so pretty! enjoy it! there's something about those floral prints that I love.. can never get enough of them!
Confashion said…
Same here and thanks sweetie ;)