Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Silver or Gold?

So what's it gonna be? Silver or gold? If I could have it my way, I'd have BOTH.

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Neither It's not a good looking
heel, 9adgeeny fee wayed 2a7la elka3ab
Yijaker elreel wayed dafsh, mo kil haba 7ilwa
Hatha rayee

NewQ8 Bride said...

I'll go for the gold

miss ghesquiere said...

Gold. Hands down.

Esra' Dashti said...

Wow Wow, i would go for the silver, but both r really cool. so check ur collection n c which color does it need ;)

btw. what is the brand? n from where can i get them?

Esra' Dashti said...

wow wow wow, i would go for the silver. but f u r planning for one check ur collection n c which color does it need ;)

btw. what is the brand? n how can i get one?

Anonymous said...

I have the silver :) the brand is miu miu and I bought mine from net-a-porter. I'm in love with it it's so trendy and comfortable.

Anonymous said...

gold with simple black dress and vintage gold accessories.

Esra' Dashti:
it's MIU MIU

Anonymous said...

Given Miu Miu's previous collections which I LOVE, this is quite the disappointement. NEITHER! They remind me of clown shoes or Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz:s

Watch Styles Magazine Editor

Mademoiselle said...

undecided. when i pick gold, automatically silver looks better and vice versa.

Confashion said...

Thank you all for your amazing feedback xoxo!

Hope they'll fit well!


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